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Leading Geeks

The book that started it all, translated around the world and honored with numerous awards.

Geeks are different. Geekwork is different. Power doesn’t work on geeks.

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More than a decade of columns about managing technical people and groups.

Geek Leader’s Handbook

Master the art of technical leadership.


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As consultants we address your unique situation. We bring all of our knowledge and experience to bear on resolving your problems.


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Turn potential disasters into victories, rescue the project and establish a solid basis for future success.


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Our training programs transfer immediately applicable skills to members of your organization. They range in length from half a day to three days and are a blend of concepts, practice and discussion. Unlike generic leadership training, they are designed to be accessible to both technical and non-technical groups.

Building Powerful Project Leadership Teams

Here’s how to build and maintain strong cross-functional relationships

Unlocking the Value of Geeks

Break through the cycle of mistrust and avoidance to build effective, collaborative working relationships.


7 Things You Can Do to Get the Technology You Want

1. It’s people, not technology

It’s the people. You think you can buy technology … you can’t. You can...

2. New people, same problems

It’s not the people. You think that your tech people are your problem, and new...

3. Safety First

Make it safe. To get the most from your technology dollar, create a safe place to...

4. Listen carefully and patiently

Listen patiently. Like it or not, you need to invest some of your scarce time and mental...

5. Learn to speak a little of their language

Learn a few word of Geek. When you are speaking English with another person, you...

6. Repair damage

When it breaks, fix it. Chances are that you’ve experienced numerous breakdowns in your...

7. Show up, make time, answer questions

Simply show up. There’s one simple thing you can do to build relationship that leads to...