2. New people, same problems

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2. New people, same problems

It’s not the people. You think that your tech people are your problem, and new people are the answer.  You hire and fire a hire someone new with high hopes that magic will happen.

Before long, the same old problems come back, and hope gives way to disappointment, followed by despair, and eventually disgust.  Last year’s hero becomes this year’s putz.  So you sack him and get someone new. You think you are making a series of  “hiring mistakes,” and if you keep trying, you’ll find someone to make things work.

Not only is this approach based on faulty assumptions, but it is also incredibly destructive.

When you find yourself on this hire and fire the merry-go-round, it probably means that the real problems are systemic and not tied to specific individuals.  And yet, with every turn-over in leadership, your organization learns disastrous lessons.

The technical staff learns that their leadership is transient and that they should resist significant change initiatives.  Being seen as being too supportive of the new leader could be dangerous after he’s been canned.  So new leaders have a tough time getting the support of their staff. And other executives learn not to invest too much effort in building relationships with someone who is unlikely to last long.  Why waste time?  So the new leaders have a tough time getting the support of their peers.

How can the new guy be a hero if he can’t get support from his team or his peers?

The only way to stop the insidious cycle is to see the situation as it really is and be determined to participate in meaningful changes.

  • You need to understand what’s really going on.
  • Select appropriate leaders and stand by them
  • Create an environment in which they can succeed.
  • Become a savvy partner to your tech leader so you can the results you want.
Remember the old definition of “crazy” … doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.    It’s time to get off the merry-go-round and get down to business.

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