3. Safety First

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3. Safety First

Make it safe. To get the most from your technology dollar, create a safe place to work.

For geeks, the most important feature of a work environment is safety, not physical, but emotional.  While fear may be a great motivator for some people, it’s not for people who do technical work.  You want them to focus their entire creative potential on their work.  But they have limited creative energy and if geeks feel unsafe, they will focus on protecting themselves rather than on getting the technology you want.

You’ve probably already experienced this in the form of:

  • Reluctance to commit to a delivery date
  • Hiding problems and errors
  • Refusing to take responsibility for failures
  • Avoiding difficult conversations

To focus on their work, geeks need to feel that it is safe to:

  • Experiment and fail without being accused of be incompetent
  • Openly acknowledge problems and collaborate on solutions

Creating a safe working environment is not hard, if you know what cues geeks commonly look for and how they read your intentions.

You can set a tone safety and to get the technology you want, you must.


For more information about how you can leverage geeks to get the technology you want, contact info@leadinggeeks.com or call 310-694-0450.

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