4. Listen carefully and patiently

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4. Listen carefully and patiently

Listen patiently. Like it or not, you need to invest some of your scarce time and mental energy in listening to your geeks.

For non-technical people, listening to geeks is often frustrating.  They:

  • Speak in incomprehensible jargon
  • Don’t seem to understand what’s important to you
  • Talk down to you
  • Focus on details
  • Won’t get to the point

But, I’ll share a little secret with you.  They often find talking to you just as frustrating.  They feel that you:

  • Dismiss their ideas and opinions reflexively
  • Don’t want to understand what’s important to them
  • Talk down to them
  • Focus on vague generalities
  • Won’t make the decisions they need from you

The way out of this impasse is for you to invest in listening to them carefully.  Geeks are not the most articulate communicators, but most are very smart.  When you think that they are just going on about nothing, they are probably trying to tell you something important, but are struggling to put it into words that make sense outside of their world.

Don’t be afraid of looking stupid by asking “dumb” questions.  You’ll find that they will really appreciate your wanting to understand what they are trying to tell you.  You can also steer the conversation by trying to get them to get to the point they are trying to make, bypassing many details.  They can learn to present things in ways that give you what you need.

If you understand some basics about the way geeks think, you’ll find that you get much more value out of your conversations.

The first step is to spend a little time, suspend judgments and listen carefully.

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