About Leading Geeks

Overview – What we are all about.

Clients – Who we have worked with in the past.

Media – Where we have appeared in broadcast, print and online.

Bios – Who we are and where we’ve been.

The Leading Geeks Company focuses exclusively on helping organizations unlock the potential and value of tech people.  That includes:

  • Improving tech leadership, recognizing that leading geeks is different
  • Transforming the tricky relationship between technology and business groups
  • Redirecting troubled projects, with attention to repairing critical relationships

Since 1999, we have empowered leaders to leverage technology and the people who provide it.  Today, the Leading Geeks Company is a growing and diverse network of professionals dedicated to transforming how technology and the people who deliver it contribute to their organizations. With specialized training, deft coaching, and impactful keynotes, we promote success by addressing the human aspects of technology delivery.