How We Work

We are committed to providing you value

Innovative — We provide double-team facilitation, so that geeks and non-geeks feel represented in the conversation

Effective — We interview all sides in advance, to hear complaints in detail and, without changing their substance, reframe them as actionable concerns

Substantial — We show how in almost all cases, the complaints are not unique to your situation, they are part of predictable patterns of culture clashes between tech and non-tech groups

Practical — We focus on learning by super-charging your real-world projects and situations. We demonstrate practical, simple techniques for collaborating that can have major, long term, culture-changing, profitable benefits.

Sustainable — We train your leadership team to support each other in creating a culture of collaboration

Follow-up — We follow up to ensure that you are getting the intended benefits

A Sample Engagement


  • Understand your goals for the program.
  • Adapt his presentation to meet your goals.
  • Supply you with a pre-program questionnaire to ensure that nothing gets forgotten.
  • Be available to discuss plans for the presentation.
  • Understand what your organization does and how this audience can benefit from the information in the presentation.
  • Be forthcoming and truthful with you.

Presentation Day

  • Notify you when we arrive on-site.
  • Notify you immediately of any difficulties or delays.
  • Arrive appropriately dressed for the presentation.
  • Arrive for the presentation 1 hour before the scheduled start time for AV check.
  • Work easily with your meeting management staff.
  • Provide a short introduction text for whoever introduces me.
  • Deliver an excellent, high-energy, thought provoking presentation.
  • Finish within my allotted time.
  • Encourage audience questions and participation.
  • Never try to turn my presentation into a sales pitch.
  • Only offer products for sale with your prior approval .
  • Be forthcoming and truthful with you.

After the Presentation

  • Stay around after the presentation for private conversations with audience members.
  • Send my free monthly email newsletter to every audience member, only with your approval.
  • Be available for telephone and email questions from audience members.
  • Bill you promptly for expenses and honorarium balance.
  • Fulfill product orders promptly.
  • Provide receipts as needed.
  • Be forthcoming and truthful with you.

Helpful Links

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