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Job Satisfaction: It’s Overrated

Posted by on Sep 9, 2010 in Jobs & employment, News & commentary | 0 comments

Few managers are genuinely surprised when the results of an employee satisfaction survey are revealed. You really don’t need the science of statistics to know that people aren’t entirely pleased with every aspect of their work lives. Given the state of our industry over the past few years, most IT managers are facing at least some degree of worker disaffection. In fact, plenty of the managers themselves are similarly discontent, as Computerworld’s Job Satisfaction Survey also shows. But once faced with a dissatisfied IT workforce, what should you do? Hide in your office?...

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Desperate Times May Not Call for Desperate Measures

Posted by on Sep 9, 2010 in Jobs & employment | 0 comments

Although it’s clear that the slowdown in the economy has affected us all dramatically, this is not a time to panic.  For the first time in a decade we’ve seen budgets slashed, projects cancelled or postponed, both blue and white collar layoffs, and rising unemployment rates.  For those of us who remember the last recession, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen conditions like this, and perhaps the first time we’ve seen them arrive so quickly and unexpectedly.  For those of you newer to the industry this is probably like nothing you’ve ever seen...

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Be the Consultant

Posted by on Aug 31, 2010 in Jobs & employment | 0 comments

Most of you reading this are IT professionals.  Most of you have spent years in school, at the head of your class toiling away to acquire the technical skills to get you where you are.  Most of you have worked aggressively to continue to update your technical skills to keep up with the rapid changes in technology.  What more could anyone want?  You’re the star.  You’re the bomb.  This is the path to consulting greatness, right? Unfortunately, that’s just the entry fee.  That just gets you in the game.  Being a consultant rather than a programmer requires that you...

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