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What does your email say about you?

Posted by on Sep 9, 2010 in Managing self, News & commentary | 0 comments

What Does Your Email Say About You? Every day, we send email to our colleagues and clients, but do you ever take a moment to think about what your messages really say about you?  I’m not talking about the message that you’re trying to send to someone else, but what the form and format of your emails communicate unintentionally.  Too often, little details left out or inadvertently included can suggest that you’re lazy, incompetent, inattentive, mistrustful, or unprofessional. Here’s my list of things to look out for in your email messages: 1. Spelling.  Is everything...

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Three Pillars of Professionalism

Posted by on Aug 31, 2010 in Managing self | 0 comments

Professionalism.  It sounds like something that we all aspire to, like motherhood and apple pie.  For each of us it conjures up images.  For some, the kindly pediatrician in the white coat calmly dispensing sage advice, curative prescriptions and pastel-colored lollypops comes to mind.  For others, it’s the confident Joe DiMaggio striding to the plate in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded.  For far fewer it is the family lawyer protecting against unseen legal exposure who fits the bill. But what does it mean to be an IT Professional?  For doctors, accountants, and...

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The Perils of Mistaking E-learning for E-ducation

Posted by on Aug 31, 2010 in Managing self, News & commentary | 0 comments

At a conference I recently attended, a speaker billed as a “futurist” confidently predicted that within 10 years universities will be irrelevant and that corporations will control the entire educational system. In his view most education would be delivered through the Web in small 5-to-10 minute increments that can be easily digested at a desk in a cubicle. He wasn’t the first person I’ve heard make that claim, but what bothered me was that most of the audience seemed to bob their heads in agreement. “Oh yes,” they said, “Education will all move to...

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