Motivating Geeks: How to Motivate Technical Staff without Breaking the Bank

Motivating geeks is different from motivating other employees.  They don’t respond to the same old carrots and sticks that others do.  But to get your job done, you need them to be productive and that requires motivation.

Especially now, when budgets are tight, it’s more important than ever to get the best performance from the people who deliver, support and deploy technology.  But managers often fall into the trap of believing that motivation requires ever larger bags of money.  In fact, the most effective ways to motivate geeks don’t cost that much.  Getting the best from your people requires clearly understanding what really motivates them.

Attend this live webinar to learn:

  • Why Traditional Approaches to Motivation Don’t Work With Geeks
  • How Geeks are Different from Other Employees
  • How Motivating Geeks Differs from Motivating Other Employees
  • Immediately Applicable Approaches to Geek Motivation
  • How to Avoid De-Motivating Geeks