Project Disasters: How to Predict Them, Prevent Them or Pull the Plug on Them

Despite significant progress over the last decade, project success rates are still dismally poor. Only about a quarter of projects are completed successfully. The rest are canceled completely or are finished substantially late, over-budget, or missing major functionality.

When used well, traditional project management approaches provide excellent information about what happened, but they’re lousy at predicting the future.

In this presentation, Paul Glen will identify the five leading indicators of project success and show you how to use them to predict the future, prevent problems and emerge a hero in both camps with technologists and business executives alike.

You will learn:

  • Why projects fail
  • Why traditional project management approaches are not enough to prevent failure
  • The four key strategies for reducing the probability of project failure
  • The five the leading indicators of project success
  • How to monitor leading indicators to prevent project failures