They Just Don’t Get It! 7 ways for geeks and non-geeks to get along

Technical and non-technical people often have trouble working together.  They think differently.  They speak differently.  They work differently.  It’s frustrating for everyone involved. And more importantly, its costly and wasteful.

How Geeks and Non-geeks can get along


Engaging and entertaining

Presented by Paul Glen (a geek) and Maria McManus (a non-geek), this entertaining and enlightening presentation will identify and explain how to overcome the cultural barriers to communication and collaboration.   We won’t just talk about the problems, but we demonstrate how even the thorniest obstacles can be overcome with humor and good will, leading to amazing breakthroughs in productivity.

One-hour or one-day

This important conversation can be started with as a one hour presentation or expanded a day-long experiential learning opportunity, where we facilitate conversations about your real-world work experiences and coach participants through blind spots, doubt and confusion.

You will learn:

  • Why process alone won’t solve these problems
  • How a little benign stereotyping can help us take things less personally
  • How to recognize the 7 key differences between geeks and non-geeks
  • How to diffuse disconnects before they become serious problems

“The information presented was distilled down to useful tidbits that are easy to remember, easy to apply, and the presentation was entertaining. I like the way the presentation offered specific tips on how to cross the chasm to improve communications. So, not only did it present the problem, it also presented possible solutions, or at least starting points. It is clear that a lot of thought went into organizing the material and getting down to the most useful nuggets.”  – excerpt from customer feedback

Rave Reviews

Here are some of our favorite comments from a recent conference:

  • Amazing presentation! Worth the cost of the whole conference. Just fantastic! Really gave me some concrete ideas for communicating with IT folk (and my husband). Thanks!”
  • “Loved, loved, loved this! What relevant information! There are so many takeaways that I don’t know where to begin. I loved that it addressed a huge issue and gave us insight and practical advice on how to deal with that problem. And it was so entertaining as well.”
  • “Loved the Geek Theatre. Probably the most beneficial session of the entire week- not only what the issues are but ideas to help motivate the change to make it better.”
  • “LOVED this session!!! Gonna work with my CIO and try to integrate some of these thoughts and processes and understandings into OUR ITS structure – CERTAINLY will be sharing these with my Help Desk staff (since they are truly “liaisons” between Geek and Non-Geek entities at our institution.”
  • “Great ending for ending for the conference – I can’t wait to share and use some of the ideas with both geek and non-geek friends and coworkers!”

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