Unlocking the Value of Geeks

Quick facts:

  • Duration: 1/2 or 1 day
  • Workshop size: 10 –20
  • Location: On site
  • Follow-up coaching: Included
  • Instructors: 1 geek + 1 non-geek


Who should attend:

  • Senior executives
  • Technical directors
  • Departmental leaders
  • Product managers
  • Relationship managers
A half-day workshop for laying a new foundation for working with technology groups

Technology is important

Companies today rely on technology for a competitive edge, to deliver better products, smoother operations, or better intelligence.  But acquiring and maintaining it is difficult.  An estimated $80 billion each year is lost to failed technology projects in the U.S. alone.

Geek culture poses specific challenges

If you need technology, you need the people who deliver it, and yet collaboration between technical and non-technical groups (even if outsourced) is notoriously difficult.  You might find yourself blaming individuals for the pattern of failure and frustration, but the root of this problem is primarily cultural.  Technical groups have distinct values, language and patterns of thought that sets them apart from the rest of the organization. Unaccounted for, this often results in miscommunication, misunderstanding and waste.

You can create a culture of successful collaboration

Save time and money by Getting past misunderstandings, false assumptions, and resentments
Create better roadmaps by Forging common language to plan collaboratively
Smooth out and speed up implementation by Clarifying roles, responsibilities and responsiveness
Remove roadblocks by Dismantling barriers to open, resilient communication
Get the results you want by Leveraging divergent perspectives fully
Build a foundation for success by Building best practices into your organization’s culture


Course Agenda

Phase 1: Prep work

The course is driven by the needs of a real-world organization, so prior to the workshop, we:

  • Work with the you to clarify specific objectives for the course
  • Provide coaching on selecting participants and building commitment to change
  • Conduct interviews with representatives from each major group

Phase 2: Workshop

 Half-day or One-day
About geeks
  • Presentation of how geeks are different
  • Discussion of how those differences show up in this organization
Geek needs
  • Presentation of what technical groups typically  need from their partners
  • Discussion of needs particularly important to this organization
Non-geek needs
  • Presentation of what partner groups typically  need from tech groups
  • Discussion of needs particularly important to this organization
  • Finding common language for time, scope, priorities, and risk
  • Clarify roles and expectations in the context of collaboration
  • Diffusing misunderstandings in real-time
  • Agree on practices to adhere to and next steps to follow up on

Phase 3: Follow-up support and coaching

Three weeks after the completion of the workshop, we conduct remote conversations to sustain and deepen the benefits of the workshop.