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Our award-winning books and articles offer unique insights that will help you get the most value from your investment in technology people.

Geek Leader’s Handbook

A unique mix of practical advice and organizing theory for leaders with technical backgrounds.  Also explores the roots of geek/non-geek conflict and what you can do about it.

Leading Geeks

The book that started it all, translated around the world and honored with numerous awards. Geeks are different. Geekwork is different. Power doesn’t work on geeks.

Computerworld Column

More than a decade of columns about managing technical people and groups.

8 Steps to Restoring Client Trust

A simple eight-step process for rescuing troubled relationships.





Paul Glen’s award-winning Computerworld columns have been published at least once a month since 2003.

Recent columns:


Computerworld Best Opinion Column – 2013

The Editors of Computerworld USA recently awarded Paul’s column “Geeks love problems, so give them some” their annual “Bestie” award for best opinion column of 2013.

2007 ASBPE Silver Award for Regular Contributed Column in a Nationally Distributed Publication

The American Society of Business Publication Editors awarded Paul Glen their 2007 Silver Award for his regularly contributed column to Computerworld. The editors of Computerworld nominated two of Paul Glen’s columns for the National competition. Specifically, the award was given for his October 2, 2006 column “How Indispensable Should You Be” and November 2, 2006 column “One Sure Way to Fail.”

Founded in 1964, the 750-member ASBPE ( is the only professional association in the United States exclusively for full-time and freelance editors and writers employed by business, professional, association, and trade magazines, newsletters, and digital publications.

Computerworld Best Management Advice – 2006

The Editors of Computerworld USA recently named seven opinion columns to their list of Best Management Advice. Out of the literally hundreds of articles and columns published each year in the weekly magazine, Paul Glen’s “One Sure Way to Fail.” was named one of the top articles.