Six Dos and Dont’s for Working with Geeks


Written especially for marketing folks, this article details how you can get more productivity on technical projects and requests by making simple adjustments.  First published in the ADvents, the monthly print newsletter of the Direct Marketing Association of Washington, this article goes where few have dare to go before.  It explores how maddening those technical people can be, and delves deep into six things we can nongeeks can to do avoid mucking up the works.  With more understanding of what makes geeks tick, and a few behavior adjustments, we can radically open up untapped reserves of productivity.

A quick read that’s jam packed with insight, this article is fun an fruitful for anyone who has ever struggled to work smoothly with technical people.

In this article, you’ll see:

  • Why fuzzy thinking really slows you down
  • What seems like condescension really isn’t
  • What is looks like when geeks get excited
  • The mortal danger of exaggeration

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